Student Work

Project Dreamweaver

The class for this project was held on Tuesday April 30,2013. There were seven students in the class. The top two images (below are the examples they had to create) were done be the myself the instructor. The five images below that are screen shots from five of the students pieces. One of the seven students computer crashed and the other needed more help then the other five. The project was to create a online contact form in Adobe Dreamweaver. The students had to follow the instructors lesson plan in class and complete the assignment by the end of class (held at SINY Potsdam). The results at the end of the lesson shows one student had a issue with the "border-radius" calculations. There were also issues with student four having the word subject the same size and color as the title. The insrtuctions for the lesson are displayed below.



orignalorignal 2

student 1 student 2student 3

student 4student 5