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    Photoshop / Country Life

    Created in 2009 for my portfolio! I wanted to show nature mostly untouched with a hint of human interaction

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    Photoshop / Sky View

    Created in 2009 To show the interaction between the land and the sky

  • First Image

    Photoshop / Tree View

    Created in 2009 for my portfolio! Showing the view in a forest upward looking at natures sky scrapers

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    Photoshop / Baloon launch

    Created in 2009 for my portfolio this pieve depicts my view of a country scene during a typical summer day

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    Photoshop / Cloud Fomation

    Created in 2009 for my portfolio, Showing nature in all its glory

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    Photoshop / Nature Squared

    Created in 2009 for my portfolio, Bringing nature inside as if it was that easy

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    Photoshop / Night Life

    Created in 2009 for my portfolio, Life as the day comes to a rest

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    Photoshop / Broken Glass

    Created in 2009 for my portfolio, Looking beyond what is broke, there is always a light beyond the shadows




My Statement

Initially the aspect of computing I was most interested in was design, which led me into designing web pages and graphics. Since then I have moved on to using different versions of Windows & Macs to more advanced networking operating systems. This brought me to learn Linux which is often used in practical industry networks. I believe you must be versatile and willing to learn in such an ever-changing environment as computing. By learning new graphical programs I also gain flexibility in the way I work so I can be more creative in the work I produce.


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Easy to manage

Computers are an endless, magical source of knowledge and entertainment, but also an invention capable of revolutionizing the way we live. This technological advancement

is a key to creating the future, which I want to be a part of.. Read More


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The Medium is the Massage Part Two "Ours is a brand-new world of allatonceness. `Time' has ceased, `space' has vanished. We now live in a global village...a simultaneous happening. We are back in acoustic space. We have begun again to structure the primordial feeling, the tribal emotions.... Read More

About Me

My interest in computers started when I saw Steve Jobs as a young child demonstrating a Apple computer , and my interest in computers spans from my first pc to the small network of home PCs I now own and manage.

Heading Three

When drawing freehand, my drawings do not contain photographs or scanned material.My art is selfish and self-indulgent. It does not care if you are aware of it, or if it holds any meaning for you. In this way it is a guilty pleasure. It is not an exercise in selfexploration. It is not an exercise. My art is about the idea. It is about externalizing that idea before it becomes confused, muddled, or forgotten. It is consuming. My art is a willful manipulation of the soul; it intensifies, it dulls. It is wistful and nostalgic, and being so, is often yearning and sometimes brooding. It exists to defin

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