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    Painting / Artist Copy

    Created in 2011, The house life

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    Painting / Ocean View

    2012 (early) Ocean view from a fishing boat looking landward.

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    Painting / Go For It

    2011 (late) Picling the right path in lift could be dawnting.

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    Painting / Tempting

    Created in 2012, I was looking to capture a scene from nature.

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    Painting / Vase Reflections

    2011, Mirror reflection of life and how it tries to duplicate itself.





Painters paint, they don't generally speak or write, they paint and say things that words can't express. There are painters who do

write beautifully and who may be great public speakers, nonetheless what is expressed through the art of painting can

only be expressed in that medium.


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New Blog Post

During the Spring semester of 2013 a survey was conducted with the intention of gathering information on library usage and services used in conjunction with the various departments on campus in the Potsdam NY area.  The survey ask for the respondents department of study, it also asked for the number of hours the respondents used the library in a semester, and the services used in the library during those times, this information was compared to a survey done at Boston University (BU).Read More