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Potsdam NY, Library Research Study

During the Spring semester of 2013 a survey was conducted with the intention of gathering information on library usage and services used in conjunction with the various departments on campus in the Potsdam NY area.  The survey ask for the respondents department of study, it also asked for the number of hours the respondents used the library in a semester, and the services used in the library during those times, this information was compared to a survey done at Boston University (BU).
It was discovered that 67% of those surveyed from the Science department spends about 20 hours per semester in the library, only 12% of the students in the Science department at BU only visit the library weekly.  However, 67% access the library online at BU. Research was the number one reason for using the library in the (Potsdam NY survey) for the Science, Business and Humanities/Social Science department.  Boston University surveyed the importance of digital and print resources for research and every department favored either print books or e-journals over e-books and print journals, with only four of sixteen departments rating less than 73% in favor of either print books or e-journals.
This perspective of this survey is similar to the survey at Boston University 2012 Graduate Student Library Survey Report by the Library Assessment Committee, September 2012; this survey looked at “Patterns of Library Engagement” as well as breaking down all potential uses by department into ease of use, duration, support, and various resources/references/archives.
To read the full survey done in Potsdam NY Click Here
Survey PowerPoint Click Here
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